Friday, July 10, 2009

Chaos and the Dr. appointment

Wes - 5 years
Ht: 47.75
Wt: 59 lbs

Jack - 19 months
Ht: 36.5
Wt: 33 lbs

This morning I took the boys in to the doctor for their check-ups. In my head I thought that it would be fairly easy - Jack gets shy around people so he would just sit with me and Wes is fine on his own and listens fairly well.

I was so wrong.

We check in at the desk and Jack wanted to zip around the waiting room so I had to hold a squirming, screaming, HEAVY 19 month old. Wes is constantly using the bathroom and of course Jack wants to follow. We find a place to sit and Jack is running between chairs having a great time, making a mess of all the magazines and, trying to write with chalk on the walls. Wes was very well behaved and drew his signature tractor pics on the available chalkboard. They call our names and of course Jack is unwilling to give up the chalk and is yelping down the hallway. He seemed to enjoy the exam room at first. The computer was far to tempting and he tried numerous times to 'type' on the keyboard, tried ripping all the baby photos off the bulletin board, completely tore the sanitary paper cover off the exam table (it looked like a rabid cat had gone through the room) and tried to escape from the room many times.

When the Dr. arrived Jack calmed himself for a while, and I mean a very short while, and then was back to messing up all the magazines again. Wes got to go first and did a wonderful job and answered all the Dr.'s questions!
The boys were informed that they were behind with getting shots - Wes had to get three, he then asked how many Jack had to get...6!! Wes thought that was pretty funny. The nurses came in for shot time and Wes was up first, of course he wanted Jack to go first but I told him he had to be brave for Jack (plus, the nurse promised him a treat - he jumped right up on the table!) He was freaking out while they were applying the rubbing alcohol and yelled ' I don't think I want to be brave!' It was over soon, a few tears and he was fine and boy was he excited to see Jack get his shots! Jack laid there very calmly for the nurses, surprisingly! He cried for all 6 but was soon pacified when they opened the sucker drawer - both boys had their little hands in their so fast grabbing up candy!

The whole process only took about 30 minutes but to me, it felt like forever! They are both healthy and well over the 100th percentile in all areas!

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Brent and Hannah said...

Wow! Who would've thought the Dr.'s office could be so much fun! If you get a girl next she's going to be right there with these boys!