Tuesday, June 19, 2012

She Works Hard for the Money

I've been comtemplating my career lately, wondering if I should just give up and realize that I'm not ever going to find something that makes me happy and just go for a career that can earn me mad cash. The major problem of living in a small town is that schooling is limited and so are the jobs.

My problem seems to be that there are too many things I would be interested in doing and I can't seem to pinpoint one that I feel would make me truly excited to wake up for everyday.

I've known too many people that go to school and either can't find work in their field and have to go back to school or have simply gotten a degree and ended up becoming a stay-at-home mother, not using their schooling (btw, there is nothing wrong with that in my book).

HOWEVER, I do feel greatly disrespected when people tell me I need to quit my job and  be a stay-at-home mom.


There are many reason why I work: my sanity, the bills, being able to maintain the lifestyle we choose and provide for my children etc...I will remind you that this is a JOINT decision between a husband and wife, so why does the working mom take much of the blame?

So yes, I work a full-time day job AND a full-time night job and it works for us!

Do I miss my kids?
       You bet.

Do you really have to work?
        In this day and age with the bills - YES

Aren’t you concerned about not being there for your kids?
        Sometimes. But when they really need me (us) I'm there in a heartbeat.

Did you hear about that study on children of working moms?
         And your point is..? Oh, showing them responsibility and what a strong, independent woman is...I see.

It must be nice to get a break from the kids.
          Oh sure, cause the stress I get from my day job is soooo worth it.

Why have kids if someone else is going to take care of them?
           I (we, big props to my hubby) love our kids, because I chose to work 8 hours out of 24 doesn't mean I'm not taking care of them and teaching them the things they need to know.

 I’d miss my kids too much if I worked. 
           I do, most days ; )

 Women should be at home with their children.
           Hold on, wait a minute, no you did not. This one makes me burn. It takes 2 to make a baby, why does the responsibilty always fall on the mother? "Because it just does" is not suffiicient answer.

You shouldn't do (insert activity here), you are a mother.
          And? I can't enjoy my life because of that? Really? If I (hubby included) wasn't able to get out and do the things I (we) enjoyed, what is the point? Experiencing these things (me= zumba, hubby =  fishing) keeps us sane which equals a happier home life for everyone involved.

So please, respect a working mom (and dad), the only 'good job, momma' I usually get (really, ever get) is from my  husband, I wish more could be as supportive as he.