Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Pre-K Grad!

Congrats to Jack who has officially graduated from Pre-K!
He had great time learning new things and making friends!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


So here is my brag of the year, I normally don't like to but, I just found this out -
Mr. Wesley, who is about to finish up 3rd grade, was tested in reading, math and writing.
His scores are-
Reading: 10th grade level
Writing: 9th grade level
Math: 11th grade level
I'm so proud of you Wes, way to go! He most certainly did not get the math gene from me : )

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Future Journalist

For those of you that know our oldest, he is an avid reader. He really reads any and everything he can get his hands on. A third grader who can read and comprehend above a 9th grade level, his reading  scores have been off the chart.
This school year they have been working on journaling and being the way he is, he has a hard time with imagination but, good news, he has greatly improved!
The teacher showed him pictures for inspiration (open hunting land and a tropical island) so that's why the first few lines might be confusing as I do not have pictures.

Abandoned Land
by Wes  Erickson
This kind of reminds me of where I live: colorful leaves, nice grass, by a lake. For no reason, there is a blue and white post just like the one by my driveway. If I could find the next place to live it would be there. The one (picture) on the left looks like a tropical island. I would want to live there. Well, except for that post. It is the land of a dead hunter. One day he was up in his tower deer hunting, when something huge came out of the woods. he tried to shoot it but the bullet did not seem to do anything. It hit the tower and shook it so hard it broke! The hunter fell down and was knocked out. When he woke up, he was sitting on a hospital bed, but he died soon after. No one knows what attacked him. Most think it was Bigfoot, the logical ones say it was a bear. All they know is that the marker is cursed.


Thursday, February 14, 2013


Valentine's Day. I guess I'm pretty much anti-Valentine's. Its not always been the case but, things happen in life and along the way certain dates in the calendar stand out, for good or bad reasons. This one is big, and I hate it, it will haunt me forever. They say it gets easier, so far, well, not so much.
You should be here. Celebrating your first birthday. You should be here but your not.
I think about you every single day.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dinner: Impossible

For my Birthday, my wonderful hubby bought me tickets to see Chef Robert Irvine LIVE, an interactive cooking show!

I'm a big fan of his Dinner: Impossible and Restaurant: Impossible so I was soooooo excited to go!
If you don't know, he is a Chef on the the Food Network, and he basically goes into restaurants and tells people what they are doing wrong and how to fix it. He seems pretty tough on the show but he was super nice when we met him. 

He divulged a bunch of information about his show, especially about Iron Chef and how the 'secret' ingredient isn't so secret and they give them a week to plan out their menu...booo!

Also, he really doesn't care for Rachel Ray! He said he doesn't trust a Chef who has their own line of dog food - haha! He did talk a little about Paula Deen and some story about butter and his abs : )
By the way, he has HUGE muscles, but he wasn't very tall, I thought he'd be a lot bigger in person, I guess TV really does add pounds!

Anyway, he gave out a lot of really good cooking info, did some secret, impromptu cooking with tomatoes, curry powder and pineapples and best of all, the food was AMAZING!

 Pre-show...I"m so excited!!!!

 He stood directly infront of me, I was too busy trying to catch a photo of him I didn't even look AT him, only through my ipod : (
I did tell him to hold still - he paused for a while but I wasn't quick enough. 
Here is is saying "smell my beef" 

I was too excited for the first course and I totally spaced out on getting a picture. We had a pan seared scallop over a bed of pumpkin couscous and diced cucumbers. MMMMM, it was my favorite, so creamy and good - now I know how to make it!

 Second Course - Herb crusted NY Strip Steak (I think) with mashed potatoes and a mushroom/tomato something on the side. I'm not huge into steak so I didn't pay attention. I don't eat steak but figured I'd try it and it was really good! 

Dessert - English Fool
Basically it was whipped cream with fruit, it was really good though!
When he demonstrated it, he used pound cake, cut it up, put it in a pan with butter and kind of sauteed it, then had water, sugar and berries going in another pan. He whipped some cream and made a layed parfait, or Fool, as he called it.

Here he is again! 
I'll say it again, his muscles are HUGE and he said he doesn't really work out - only 20 minutes of cardio a day and about 15 minutes of light weight reps as well. He said he eats every 2-3 hours, that must be the trick - it's all in what we put into our bodies!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Count your Blessings

I've been dealing with a good bit of stress lately. Stress pretty much from my job. I've really come to resent living here and I'm not sure why, there are plenty of good things here but in my mind I can't shake the oppression of the area and wonder if this is the right place for the boys to grow up. This has really been affecting my moods and its hard for me to snap out of.
I've been letting things get to me that I shouldn't and been bringing that stress home to my poor husband. He told me the other day that I need to focus on all the good around me and not the bad, and its true, being a pessimist it is hard for me to see all the blessing that surround me each and every day.
I am in the early stages of trying to realize how blessed I am, I've decided to make a list of things I am thankful for!

1. A job - this one I need to be more joyful about...still working on it but thankful to have one none the less
2. A beautiful house in a safe neighborhood
3. 2 sets of grandparents and 1 set of great-grandparents close by for the kids to enjoy (and us too!)
4. being and staying healthy
5. 2 running cars
6. A boat so we can get out and enjoy the beautiful weather and go swimming
7. A husband who loves me
8. 2 wonderful kids that keep me on my toes and keep me laughing
9. Plenty of food in our kitchen
10. The clothes on our backs
11. my dishwasher and washer/dryer!
12. Family
13. Zumba
14. Green grass
15. fresh strawberries from the garden
16. green beans from the garden - ok, i'll stop my self on these and just say ANYTHING fresh from the garden!
17. fresh, clean air
18. The sound of my kids' laughter
19. snuggling with Jack after a long day
20. I'm thankful that God loves me no matter what, even when my sin makes me black as night on the inside, He can see past it all and loves me anyway.

There is so much more to be thankful for but, unfortunately that is all for now

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

She Works Hard for the Money

I've been comtemplating my career lately, wondering if I should just give up and realize that I'm not ever going to find something that makes me happy and just go for a career that can earn me mad cash. The major problem of living in a small town is that schooling is limited and so are the jobs.

My problem seems to be that there are too many things I would be interested in doing and I can't seem to pinpoint one that I feel would make me truly excited to wake up for everyday.

I've known too many people that go to school and either can't find work in their field and have to go back to school or have simply gotten a degree and ended up becoming a stay-at-home mother, not using their schooling (btw, there is nothing wrong with that in my book).

HOWEVER, I do feel greatly disrespected when people tell me I need to quit my job and  be a stay-at-home mom.


There are many reason why I work: my sanity, the bills, being able to maintain the lifestyle we choose and provide for my children etc...I will remind you that this is a JOINT decision between a husband and wife, so why does the working mom take much of the blame?

So yes, I work a full-time day job AND a full-time night job and it works for us!

Do I miss my kids?
       You bet.

Do you really have to work?
        In this day and age with the bills - YES

Aren’t you concerned about not being there for your kids?
        Sometimes. But when they really need me (us) I'm there in a heartbeat.

Did you hear about that study on children of working moms?
         And your point is..? Oh, showing them responsibility and what a strong, independent woman is...I see.

It must be nice to get a break from the kids.
          Oh sure, cause the stress I get from my day job is soooo worth it.

Why have kids if someone else is going to take care of them?
           I (we, big props to my hubby) love our kids, because I chose to work 8 hours out of 24 doesn't mean I'm not taking care of them and teaching them the things they need to know.

 I’d miss my kids too much if I worked. 
           I do, most days ; )

 Women should be at home with their children.
           Hold on, wait a minute, no you did not. This one makes me burn. It takes 2 to make a baby, why does the responsibilty always fall on the mother? "Because it just does" is not suffiicient answer.

You shouldn't do (insert activity here), you are a mother.
          And? I can't enjoy my life because of that? Really? If I (hubby included) wasn't able to get out and do the things I (we) enjoyed, what is the point? Experiencing these things (me= zumba, hubby =  fishing) keeps us sane which equals a happier home life for everyone involved.

So please, respect a working mom (and dad), the only 'good job, momma' I usually get (really, ever get) is from my  husband, I wish more could be as supportive as he.