Thursday, July 24, 2008

4th of July

Bemidji has a water carnival every year down by the lake. We thought it would be fun for Wes since he is big enough to ride the rides.

He must have been so excited to get there...

...he fell asleep. Looks comfortable too.

The prefered ride of the day, NASCAR, of course.

The Fun House

Wes LOVED the Crazy Bus. I was a little nervous about this one but everytime he went around I saw nothing but a big smile on his face!

Family Reunion 2008

This past weekend was the Berge family reunion. We get together every other year at the camp grounds to eat good food, play games, and enjoy everyones company.

Grandpa Ferd and Grandma Ruth with
Amanda, Ashleigh, Tyler, and Whitney

Cousing Mindy and Elianna

Ken and baby Elijah

Cousin Melanie and her soon-to-be-husband David

Here is Gramp and Gram and all of the grand and great-grand kids

Just the immediate grand and great-grand kids

Cousin Bud and his wife Amy with their kids Liana and Isaac.
Too bad they live in Iowa, Wes really enjoyed playing with Isaac.
I heard both boys were crying when it came time to say goodbye.

Wes caught a fish off the dock. He didn't want to touch it though.

Karla, Mike, and Ashleigh

Some quality father and son fishing time off the dock.
I love this picture!

Kevin and Kristen

The family

Alot of relatives couldn't make it to the reunion, believe me when I say this is a very large family!

Baseball has been very very good to me

Kyle's baseball career has come to an end. I was able to finally watch a game (actually 2, it was a double header) for once. We had a babysitter watch the kids so I could focus on watching the team and not have to chase the kids around.
Kyle and his brother Kevin

Kyle on the mound, pitching his last game


Sunday, July 13, 2008


Kyle is normally gone on Sunday playing baseball so I'm always looking for something new to do with the kids. Today we went for a walk and went swimming.

Jack loved the pool, he had a great time splashing around (and being splashed!).