Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Boys are Back in Town!

We went to the Oak Ridge Boys concert last Saturday and it was so fun!
Check them out here with their cover of the White Stripes hit Seven Nation Army.
We decided to eat a late supper after the show and shortly after we ordered our food, the entire group (minus Duane Allen) entered the restaurant!! We got to talk with them for a bit and had a great time!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wes vs the Doghouse & Jack vs the Puddle

He wasn't looking and ran into the doghouse, I don't know how this stuff happens, maybe its just a boy thing. I had to save him yesterday as his foot got stuck in his play set steps and he was dangling off the ground, upside down. He wasn't hurt either time even though the pics below look pretty bad

I caught him admiring himself in the mirror a few times : )

Jack loves being outside and he especially loves a good muddy puddle.
Yesterday I think he spent about 20 minutes finding rocks and throwing them into the ditch. Sometimes I wish I could find joy in the little things in life like a toddler does!

The Big 5

Happy 5th Birthday Wes!

He wanted to go bowling for his birthday, we all had a great time. Afterward we went to Gramp and Grams for cake and presents

Wes loving his monster truck birthday cake

Who wants to open presents??

Wes with cousins Val and Elizabeth
He had so much fun playing with the girls!

Thanks to Jessica for taking birthday photos : )