Monday, May 19, 2008

Taking a walk

Always remember to bring a bat,

just in case we encounter a bear! (It makes him feel better anyway)


...weaving some sort of story.....

..never at a loss for words.

Bundled up for a walk in the woods.

Not as bad as you would think....

He actually doesn't mind this position. He wiggles out of his chair and I occasionally find him like this, he just looks at me and grins.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Nice Weather....Finally!

Wes was able to get outside to play this past weekend,
he's really into monster trucks so here he is working on digging a trench for all his trucks.

Normally I can't get my camera out fast enought to catch these two cuddling. Whenever I step outside Skeet (the black one) runs out to meet me and I miss the shot. They must've been pretty comfy to not want to move this time.

Happy Baby!

For some unknown reason, Jimmy the cat loves to be next to Jack whenever he is on the floor. Jim doesn't seem to mind the occasional fur pulling, I think she just loves the attention.

My big boy is learning to sit up on his own- hurray!
I am so amazed how happy he is all the time, he is the easiest kid ever, especially in the morning when he is content to just sit on the floor and watch us all scramble around trying to make it to work on time!