Thursday, October 9, 2008


Free to a loving home!
Since we are moving mid-November and haven't sold our home as of yet, we are sadly having to say goodbye to the animals as we are moving into an apartment. Skeeter (Skeet) is a mutt, (possibly black lab/rottweiler mix )and was a stray dog that showed up in the parking lot where I work. She was skinny and full of porcupine quills. She was by the front door begging for food and I couldn't resist taking her home. She is a very sweet dog but she loves attention and needs LOTS of love. She does not like being kenneled or wearing a collar, she is free roaming and always stays in the yard. For us, she has been a full-time outdoor dog but when she was a puppy I would let her in from time to time. Never any accidents and she was always well behaved.
Please, if you are interested or know someone who might be, let me know. This is a very difficult thing for me to do as I am not one to take an animal and then turn around and give it away. She loves to wrestle and play with our older son Wes and I would suggest she needs a family with no other pets, although she gets along with our other dog quite well.
Skeet is also pregnant and due the end of October.

We are also thinking of letting go of our St. Bernard, Thor. She is a purebred and is absolutely fabulous with the kids, the best breed of dog I ever had. She is a very tender, sweet dog who needs room to run. She is not house trained but only would occasionally have accidents (when she was a puppy). She also is a full time outdoor dog. St. Bernards love the outdoors and esp. wintertime. She would sleep in bed with me when Kyle was away and is very affectionate. She does drink LOTS of water and since she is a smaller breed, she does not eat as much as one would think a Saint does. She is very social and loves being around other dogs, although she thinks she is the alpha dog.

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