Monday, May 21, 2012

Pantalones de Mujer

This has been on my mind for a long time and now, after I've returned home from a most excellent vacation, I feel I must let it out.


There, I said it.

It is solely my opinion but really, you can't tell me that they are more comfortable than regular pants or shorts, I mean, come on, does the shorter 3+ inches than pants really make it so?

Why women choose to wear short pants that cut off at the worst possible place on the body is beyond me.
Capri pants do nothing for you. If you are short, you don't look good in capri pants. If you are fat, you don't look good in capri pants. If you are tall, you don't look good in capri pants.

I will still love you if you choose to wear them but if you ask me if I like your pants or if someone looks cute, be prepared for my, as always honest, "no".

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Amy S. Trosen said...

You are hilarious! But to rebut (ahem) I wear capris all the time because being somewhat tall and somewhat fat yet hipless too, long jeans tend to ride down lending a not-so-pleasing rear view of my granny panties --- or worse. I have two theories on this. One, it could be simply the gravitational force of the weight of more fabric in long jeans or two,(and my preferred theory) the action of the shin bones when walking causes all jeans to creep downward. For an active, hipless person this is a particularly bad situation. You either have to walk with one hand on your waistband or live with the ever present possibility of --- shall we say --- plumber's crack? Not pretty. Better to stick with capris. For me at least. Great thought, however. Really tickled me!