Wednesday, November 17, 2010

October/November Updates

We haven't been doing much in our household lately but we always *seem* so busy, time certainly goes by too fast. Here is a little update on the Ericksons.

getting ready to go out after the first snow of the season

The preferred cat of the household, Jimmy, she loves the kids and pretty much lets them do anything they want with her. I can always find her snuggled up with one of the kids in bed each evening.

Lunch with Wes for 1st grade parents luncheon

heading out to play after the first snowfall

this was *supposed* to be his Halloween costume but he wouldn't wear it that day, now i can't ever get him to NOT use this stuff!

Saturday morning wrestling match...well, everyday is wrestle-mania around here

Have you noticed Jack has a sword in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE? Wes and Jack play made up warrior games CONSTANTLY! It's super cute and I'm enjoying watching their creativity blossom plus, they really enjoy playing together! Yea!

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