Monday, October 19, 2009

My Kindergarten Ninja

The views of the lake have been beautiful, I love the look of the mist coming off the lake surface.

Wes is enjoying Kindergarten. He gets to learn silly songs and do some really fun art projects.

It finally warmed up enough to enjoy some much needed outside time. The boys enjoyed playing 'secret agent ninja'. It was funny to see Jack running around saying 'ninja'. He is learning so many words, his favorite is still 'no' and 'i don't know' but it is nice that he can communicate when he isn't feeling well or needs something.
Wes continues to amaze me in the things he knows. The Alaskan pipeline is being run through town and the construction workers are finishing up laying the pipe. I was telling Wes about it as we drove by and he says 'yep, I know. We need it because sometimes we don't have enough or the right oil here so we have to get it from far away.'

Ninja Wes
I'm not sure if he can ever stop talking and be quiet enough to ever become one!

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