Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Next Time

I took Wes to Bemidji to shop for new school clothes and shoes, I can't believe he will be starting Kindergarten this year! We decided to take a break and he, of course, wanted pancakes. We stopped at Country Kitchen and both ordered pancakes and bacon.

The waitress asked me if I wanted to have the bill split up. Seriously. He's 5. I thought she would smile like it was a joke but she didn't.

I asked Wes if he was going to pay for me. He said he would but forgot his money at home and would pay next time. : )


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Kristen said...

I just think that Wes offering is so adorable! I can just imagine him bringing his quarters to pay next time! Love it! I also just love the picture at the top of your blog. Even though Bemidji is only 20 miles away, I miss everyone so much. I forget how much I actually got to see the boys when I was there :( Will you bring them to see the baby when I have her?