Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a nice Mother's Day this year!
We met Kathy, Rod, Gram and Gramp for a yummy lunch and after the kids got to play in the arcade for a while.
It was such a beautiful day out so we took a drive down to the river and took a walk.
Jack and I took a good 2 hour nap while Kyle and Wes went to town and brought home Green Mill for supper.
Wes made me a Mother's Day card and gave me some Dove chocolates (he picked it out himself and he did an excellent job)

Kyle gave me beautiful flowers and...

my favorite..the last 2 season of Buffy!! I was very excited about this, it is my absolute favorite show! He's been getting me each season and I'm almost done with the collection - I love it!


Kristen said...

Your flowers are beautiful!!! That orange is so vibrant!

Rebecca said...

I love Buffy. Sometimes, when I am just in a Buffy mood, and I don't want to watch and entire season, I will watch the musical episode. I like that one. Then, for the rest of the day, I have the song-phrase "I have a theory, it could be bunnies" in my head! It drives Blake nuts!!

The Ericksons said...

I love the musical episode too!!