Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dress up

Lunch time! Wes didn't want Jack to be in the picture.

Wes found his old Halloween comstumes and the boys decided to try them on for some fun.
Jack got the kitty costume and was a little unsure when he saw his reflection. I thought he looked adorable! Wes donned his NASCAR uniform and had a good time also.

For some odd reason Jack has been into wearing hats. He finds them and puts them on and wears them most of the day.

Of course Wes had to join in and wear hat too, he hates when his brother 'beats' him at things. He is a very competitive kid!

In other news, I had my gallbladder taken out this past Monday. All went well but I feel like I've been punched in the stomache a few times. I'm glad it came out as it was very painful so now, hopefully, I can resume eating normal food without getting sick!


♥ Craig & Jessica ♥ said...

We hope you feel better soon!!!

Karen said...

Hmm, I wonder where he gets the competitive gene from?