Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Gold City on New Year's Eve

Amy was kind enough to let Kevin and I attend a Gold City concert in Arden Hills on New Year's Eve. I had seen GC a couple years back at the National Quartet Convention, but Kev had not had the opportunity to see them live.

We both expected a good show. We were both completely blown away. It was better than great! Any time you go to a concert to hear a group that's been around for quite a while (Gold City has been one of the premier Southern Gospel quartets since 1980), you never know quite what songs you'll hear, since they have such a huge body of work. I was so thrilled that they sang nearly every song I had hoped for - or at least as many as they could fit in in the time they had - and they sounded fantastic. Midnight Cry, Truth Is Marching On, Teach Me Lord To Wait, I'm Not Giving Up...the whole set was just phenomenal. The best part of Southern Gospel music is that it's not just great entertainment - it's food for the soul.

I was especially impressed with their young (just 26!) bass singer, Aaron McCune. For such a little guy, he has a booming voice, with terrific range and a great voice for solos as well, something a lot of low-low basses don't have.

I may have to see if Amy wants to move somewhere down south, so I can hear those guys sing more often!

To hear some free examples of Gold City's music, go here.

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Amy S. Trosen said...

I have to agree Gold City is wonderful and that's judging ust from an old tape we once had. We have never heard them in person so that must have been something!