Friday, November 23, 2007

Jack Ferdinand Erickson

At 7:09 AM on November 20th, Amy gave birth to our second son. Everyone present - doctor and nurses included - were amazed at the speed and ease of the delivery, considering that our boy came in at 23" long and weighed a healthy 10 lb 7 oz!

Amy was scheduled to be induced at 6 AM on Tuesday, but couldn't quite wait that long. About 9:00 the prior evening, she started to feel the first twinges. At 1:30 AM Tuesday, she shook me awake and gently suggested I get everything ready to go! We were out the door at 2:30, to the hospital by 3:00 (after dodging several deer on the way), and Jack Ferdinand Erickson entered the world just four hours later. We are all thankful for such an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery!

Ready to get started
First look
Four generations together
So sweet

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Timothy and Rebecca said...

Congratulation!!!! I love the name Jack. If we were having a boy, we were thinking of Jack for a name too. I am so glad he made it into the world safely!