Saturday, October 6, 2007

Wes the budding carpenter

Wes is obsessed with all things Home Depot. He was very proud to show off his new apron!

Wes demonstrates his precision with the hammer, building the landing gear for his airplane. Thankfully, none of dad's fingers were crushed in the process.

He just loves working with his daddy. Look at that grin!

The finished product! It lasted almost a day before it needed repairs; a new record for Wes.


Karen said...

Welcome to the blogging world Kyle and Amy! I am looking forward to seeing more blogs about what you all are up to! (And of course baby pictures!) Hope you all are doing well....happy blogging!

Rebecca Henry said...

Woo hoo for blogging! I'm excited to see the new baby...whenever he gets here!

Bobbie Hege said...

Hi Kyle,

It seems Dad has a smile on his face, also....the 'working together' feeling must be mutual.

Looking forward to seeing pictures of the new baby when he/she arrives and praying for safe delivery for Mom and child.

Oaksfanmamaw said...

What a cutie!

Craig & Jessica said...